Throughout the ages, human kind was always able to move forward with
advancements on technology about various subjects. And since the oldest
times in recorded history, we have always oriented those advancements to military
and war technology. In those old times, one could even determine the advancements of
civilizations based on their warfare development. Now, even if the times are drastically changed,
the military advancements are still seen as one of the most valued feature a country can have.



According to the list of Military Expenditure from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
in 2017, United States of America leads the list by investing 611 billion dollars on Military resources,
followed by China with 215 billion and Russia with 70 billion. The three countries that are considered as a superpower throughout the world. This again
proves that a country’s development is mostly based on their military power.


It can be said that power is intimidating to other countries, especially when
they witness the use of these military advancements, like nuclear bombs that were launched against Japan in world war 2. This also makes them take action against
these recent military developments in higher countries. Like Pakistan(9 billion), a country that isn’t necessarily seen on the news every day, has already racked up
their nuclear power and this can be seen in Arabic countries as well. Another country that’s not on this list however, North Korea in these last few years on Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship,
has been eager to raise their nuclear power with Hydrogen Bombs and Atomic bombs. It can be deduced that nowadays military power mostly relies on mass destruction weapons.

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