The cambrian moment in our innovation economy

Matching to Re-Imagine group chief and serial tech business owner Peter Hirshberg, we are at a decisive minute inside our innovation economy. Si Valley – or, at least, the “ethos of Silicon Valley” – is spreading throughout America, Hirshberg insists. And Silicon Area is reinventing what this individual calls “secondary” places like Youngstown, Ohio or Louisville, Kentucky to transform them into what he telephone calls “maker cities. ”

Hirshberg, who coauthored a e book a year ago entitled Maker Metropolis with the CEO of the Maker Media Dale Dougherty and the ex – Sun and Apple professional Marcia Kadanoff, believes that we are what this individual calls a “Cambrian moment” in the evolution of cities in today’s digital economy. The shift, this individual admits that, is from the “smart city” indicated by linked devices to the “maker city” designed by linked citizens stimulated with disruptive technologies like Plethora the so-called “factory at your fingertips”.

The location, he therefore says, is among the most most potent instrument for social and monetary change in America today. And so the really interesting “conversation”, Hirshberg argues, is now happening at the local level in places like Louisville and Youngstown.

The trigger for the Maker Cities movement, Hirshberg says, came in Summer 2014 at President Obama’s first National Maker’s Accomplir – a week long event designed to commemorate local innovation all over America. At the Obama event in Washington POWER, Hirshberg signed up 95 cities as founding users of the movement including Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Early on this coming year, in association with US News & Globe Report, Maker Cities launched an initiative to list Maker Cities according to their ability to make jobs and urban revitalization. The cost of Hirshberg’s Maker Metropolis movement is to avoid “the Valley versus the rest-of-America” zero-sum thinking recommending that new innovation hubs like Detroit or Youngstown have to compete against Silicon Valley. In Hirshberg’s maker city world, all over the place can simultaneously be Si Valley. So we can all win.

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