Facebook tests ombré-colored comments

On the off chance that you’ve at any point needed angle style shaded remarks to coordinate your brilliant statuses, Facebook is directing a test at the present time to convey the rainbow to you. As of now, just a chosen few clients can see the test, and it appears to just work on versatile. Brilliant announcements initially went to Facebook’s Android application last December, and Facebook as of late received the component on WhatsApp.

You can likely anticipate the numerous ways that hued remarks could turn out badly. Simply envision individuals going on a horrible drinking spree and posting remarks in showy orange and green on a status they abhor. Perhaps it would be a lively approach to begin the Christmas season, with red-and-green Christmas-themed remarks, yet it appears to probably turn into the ideal approach to seize a remark segment — if Facebook ever transforms it into an undeniable element.

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