History of sports car

History of sports car

Car enthusiasm is very popular around the world, and the attention given to the cars has never decreased since their first ever production.
Cars have always been popular among society. But without a doubt the most popular cars happen to be the sport cars mostly.
They’ve always been attracting more attention than the regular cars since their first release.


First released sports car was Mercedes 60 hp model manufactured in 1903. It is considered to be the first sports car and even though it’s looks might decieve one, it could go up to 102 kilometers per hour.
The reason behind the attention is not to be surprised by. Because sports cars are known to be extreme and unusual in many ways.
With two doors, a superior engine and their elegant design sports cars can have a huge price increase. So much so that in fact most expensive cars in the world are sports cars.
Sports cars have a light build, making it easy for them to be more mobile so they are given strong engines. The fastest cars in the world are sports cars.
Most racing styles use different types of sports cars depending on their surface, such as Rally, Nascar and street racing etc.


Nissan MX-5, the most selling sports car ever,
was known to be extremely small even in comparison to other sports cars and it focused on handling more than speed. The car was praised among the
community and ultimately became the most selling sports car in the world and it’s still yet to be dethroned.
The sports cars are a special category of cars, they have always attracted more attention with newer upgrades and designs. With the popularity
of cars considered nowadays, people are not going to lose interest in cars in the near future.

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