Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Internet Service Provider(ISP)s are organizations that provide companies or individuals internet service. They are the middlemen between you and the Internet a.k.a the World. Intercountry internet
connection was founded in 1970’s fort he first time. Most people haven’t heard of “world wide web”, until ISP’s came.


ISP’s can be an individuals’, a group’s. The Internet is a very broad network which is formed by many other smaller networks connecting to each other.
There is insane amount of data in the Internet but it wouldn’t make sense
if we were not able to reach it. ISP’s take the role of a bridge between those spaces.


Let’s say that you are in a shop with many floors and the items in the shops are put
through first floor to the top. You are in the ground floor. How do you reach these items?
Of course you use either an elevator or an escalator. These things make you go wherever in the
shop and let you get whatever item you want. If internet is a shop, escalators and elevators are ISP’s and they make you go wherever you go in the Internet.


First of all, you need an ISP account in order to connect. Then you need to log-in by using these
account informations. That is why you type in your username and password on the modem interface.
ISS checks if your info is correct or not and if it is, you will be provided a dynamic IP. If you
want a static IP however, you need to pay the ISP some extra price.

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