iOS 11 is here! Are you ready? Learn everything about Apple’s latest iOS and build apps for under $50

Apple’s latest and greatest new operating system — iOS 11 — officially comes out Sept. 19, so now’s truly the time to get cracking if you need to take immediate {good thing about} the new skills the new OS has to offer.

You can dive into the most up-to-the-second Apple OS and harness the power for your masterpieces} with the training found in the Definitive iOS 11 Developer bundle, which you can pick up right now for just $49 from TNW Offers

The courses each cover different components of iOS development, and once you’re completed, you’ll have a full grip {how} iOS {eleven|10|14} creators — even new developers — can change 11’s news into bankable new ideas.

You’ll build a Slack clone from scratch (iOS 11 and Swift 4: From Newbieto Paid Professional), add machine learning into your software (Complete iOS {eleven|10|14} Machine Learning Masterclass), work with maps to make a clone of Pokemon Go (How to Help to make a Freaking iPhone Application iOS 11 and Quick 4) and even how to work with machines set up an AWS server, use Github and more (The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course: Newbie To Advanced).

From creating multi-view applications with storyboard segues (Hands-On iOS11 and Swift 4 Bootcamp: Build Amazing iPhone Apps! ) to exploring multi-processing and how to run techniques simultaneously (iOS 11 and Swift 4: The Total Developer Course), to training event handling and online notifications in Swift (iOS 11 Hidden Concepts), {you will|likely to|you are going to} finish with a well-rounded knowledge of the most powerful OS available on the market|in the industry.

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You can get this full seven-course bundle (valued at $1, 224) for a portion|a small fraction of that total, only $49.

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